Nokia History

World leader

The spectacular success of Nokia’s 6100 series – the company sold nearly 41 million cellular phones in 1998 – helped the company surpass Motorola and become the world’s top cellular phone maker in that year. It’s worth mentioning that the Nokia 6110 was the first phone that came with the classic Snake game pre-installed.

Nokia’s net sales increased over 50% year-on-year, operating profits shot up nearly 75%, and stock price sky-rocketed a whopping 220%, resulting in an increase of market capitalization from nearly $21 billion to around $70 billion.

The year 1998 also saw the company launching the Nokia 8810, its first phone without an external antenna. The flagship was also one of the Nokia’s first phones with chrome slider shell.

The next year saw the company launching the Nokia 3210. It was a solid handset that came in six color variants and had a talk time of the impressive for the time 4- 5 hours.

In addition to offering extra ringtones and games, the device also allowed users to send pre-installed picture messages (like Happy Birthday) via SMSs. Around 160 million units of the handsets were sold, making it one of the most popular and successful phones in history.