Nokia History


The Finnish company’s unwillingness to embrace drastic change when it was required the most was probably the biggest reason that brought the mobile giant down. The company took way too long to embrace the smartphone revolution and when it finally did it made way too many errors in its strategy.

First, Nokia tried to compete by simply adding touch to the legacy Symbian – a patch that failed to deliver the fluid user experience of its rivals at the time. Then the switch to Windows Phone was announced way before there was actual hardware ready – a move that Elop hoped will boost developer interest, but ended up mostly killing Symbian sales 7 months before Nokia had an alternative to offer. Two mistakes of that magnitude, combined with the great delay in jumping to touchscreen were enough to cost the company’s dominant position in the quickly moving market.

Anyway, as they say, nothing is permanent and whatever goes up must come down. However, that doesn’t take away the fact that Nokia remains a huge part of mobile phone history that will never be forgotten.

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